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Christopher MacDonald is the fun-loving subversive author, visionary and teacher behind all things AZOTUS. Author of the New book "Jesus Outed" (available via Amazon for Kindle like devices) with more books on the way. He covers a surprising array of topics ranging from in-depth textual studies, to classical studies on love, sex and relationships; human meaning and semiotics; and is somewhat of an expert on Ernest Becker and his book "The Denial of Death." Currently on assignment embedded as a joyful member of the Tent City at the Webster Tube in Oakland California, he serves at the pleasure of Hiss Lord and Master - The Risen One - as a sort of Peace Corps/Urban Missionary. He is the Creative.Managing Editor of Azotus' "The Oakland Homeless Chronicles." He is learning to VLOG. He is not paid and receives no compensation. There are no paid advertisements. No political affiliations. And no religious bullshit. It is a labor of love that comes from outside him. He has a hankering for the Word of God and handles it like a light-saber. He trains others to do exegesis if they wish to learn. There is a list of other blogs he runs and contributes to as well as full bio at spokeblog.wordpress.com.

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